1. Kali puja - On this auspicious occasion of kali puja i wish you are blessed with prosperity and success by ma kali Happy Kali Puja.

Kali puja

2. Kali puja quote - Fortunate is one who has learned to admire, but not to envy. good wishes for a joyous kali puja, with a  plenty of peace and prosperity. 
                                                                                   Happy kali puja

Kali puja quote

3. Happy kali puja - May the blessing of maa kali be with you in every step of your life to make it happy and prosperous.
                                              Happy Kali Puja

Happy kali puja

4. Wishing you a happy kali puja - May maa bless you with happiness all the year through! Wishing you a happy kali puja.

Wishing you a happy kali puja

5. Maa kali puja - May goddes kali bless you and your family. have a blessed kali puja.
                                                                     Happy kali puja

Maa kali puja